Web Portal

Parents & Student Portal

Often in real cases, the parent sponsors the education but remains in the dark about the child’s performance, results, attendance or the various events at the institute . He hardly gets any communication on various aspects including any defaults or outstanding fees

Odhyyon has apparent portal feature that enables the parents to stay in touch with his ward’s education and take required action as desired.

Student can keep the full track of homework and class performance with Odhyyon. With web portal login they stay in touch of their school/teacher from anywhere. It is a student value-portal that serves to enable the student utilize his/her own time schedule at all-time round the clock be it in or outside the institute. It enables the student to maximize learning often even before he reaches the institute or well after he leaves the institute for the day. It allows him to stay in touch with the institute’s events while at the same time accessing the library or working on his lesson plans, lab plans and assignments.


Teacher and Staff Login


Odhyyon provides various type of login for school staff members as per their roles and responsibilities e.g. admin login, teacher login, accounts officier, etc. Only those features that a staff has permission to access will be displayed to him/her.

Through the teacher’s portal feature of the Odhyyon, the teacher is enabled to have access to critical documents including results, routines, tabulation sheets, result statistics, student information, fees data, etc. The teacher has the provision to entry marks for exam, review the entered marks, create downloadable teaching contents and monitor performance history.

Like teachers, The members of the institute’s staff have access to the Odhyyon portal functions that include viewing student info & editing them, uploading contents, generating various reports of fees and accounts which helps him/her save useful time.

Website Administrator Login

Separate logins are available in Odhyyon for teachers/employees who are intend to control website admin panel. Employee can access detail round the clock. They can upload images, video clips, text contents including news and notices. Besides result, class routine, academic calendar can be uploaded dynamically. Static page contents are editable anytime from anywhere through this portal.