School Website Design

“Odhyyon" is a part of ADDIE Soft Ltd. The company is basically served web and software services. In accordance with that expertise we are providing every institution a basic website having all the options stated in the govt. gadget. Additionally we provide creative website design, website development with customization and post-product services. Now a day educational institute like school, Colleges, Universities, Medical Colleges, foundations, or educational trust required website designs to the show their activities, educational environments, their progress etc… Presence in the virtual world.

A school website is a website which would help in providing the necessary information to the people who are seeking information on the same. We provide ensure that website must be smooth, user friendly, and test in all browser compatibility.

  • ⦁ Abide by the Content Design Stated by the Government Education Board
  • ⦁ Directly linked with “Odhyyon" EMS system
  • ⦁ Image, Text & Video Input System
  • ⦁ A Built-in Feature of Odhyyon™
  • ⦁ Affordable Pricing for Customization
  • ⦁ Easy to Use Control Panel
  • ⦁ Photo Gallery Of Events, Infrastructure, Alumni, School Campus, etc
  • ⦁ Contact Details And School Map Listing