Mobile Apps

Though our dynamic mobile apps admin can upload student’s information to web and provide parent and students access to it. This allows parent to track student record on mobile apps.

One can do a lot of things via Odhyyonsmart app:

  • ⦁ Teachers can mark class attendance on their Odhyyon smart app. No need to keep attendance book anymore.
  • ⦁ Parents will get real-time update on their phones. No need to worry about their child whether they reached the school safely or not.
  • ⦁ Students don’t need to carry notebooks/diaries anymore. Teachers can post homework on a single click in text format with documents/picture attachments and parents & students will get live update of homework – date and subject wise on their mobile app.
  • ⦁ Teacher can easily manage class tests and exams result with Odhyyon smart app.
  • ⦁ Parents and students will get result view on their mobile app.
  • ⦁ Teachers, parents, students can quickly access the daily routine to prepare well and plan timings for the classes.
  • ⦁ Parents and students will get notification after payment is successfully made.
  • ⦁ Due amounts and due dates information can also be viewed by Odhyyon smart app.
  • ⦁ Instant notification alerts of campus latest update from different modules for: students, teachers, parents & employees.