Barcode Scanner, POS Printer

No more manual entry. Our integrated barcode scanner helps you to get your job done faster than ever before. By our system,you can entry collected fees amounts less than a second and print money receipt by POS printer. Our POS & Barcode Scanning system is a perfect duo. We emboss barcodes on your fees payment slip, you put the scanner on the barcode, our sofware reads it automatically and show the details on your screen. You just hit the receive button, POS printer will print out your slip automatically.

Benefits of POS-Barcode Duo:

  • ⦁ The Fastest Way to Collect Fees by Booth Collection System.
  • ⦁ Also Available to Use Seperately
  • ⦁ Time Saving & Cost Effective
  • ⦁ Makes Your Fees Collection Process As Smart As Mobile Banking.
  • ⦁ Auto Updates Fees Reports Instantly.
  • ⦁ Smartest Way of Daily Fees Collection Report Verification.
  • ⦁ Easy to Install, Easy to Use. No Expertise Needed.