In today’s world that is in total control of technology, administration & management of organizations, particularly for educational institutions, has become a tiresome and intricate task. It requires careful planning, systematic approach and accurate control of administrative processes to attract the best students, produce best results and project the best image. Coupled with tight competition from the industry, these institutions are increasingly seeking the help of information technology to improvise their facilities and maintain a competitive edge to their educational business.

Welcome to the extremely POWERFUL, INTEGRATED, EASY and SECURED yet user-friendly automated digital environment called Odhyyon, an ERP solution specifically tailored for the education industry.

Education ERP is what institutions need today in this competitive world, as it enables them to optimize processes and analyse capabilities for reduced cost, improved speed and efficiency. Odhyyon provides a common platform for multiple functional departments that provides transparency in information flow. It keeps the management well informed and facilitate rapid decision-making. Odhyyon education ERP provides a unique opportunity for institutions to adopt a new way of working in the midst of challenges such as:

  • ⦁ How to reduce high operating costs by breaking conventional management?
  • ⦁ How to augment funding raising opportunities?
  • ⦁ How to raise student satisfaction and increase student admissions every year?
  • ⦁ How to increase the quality of learning and teaching?
  • ⦁ How to bring a unified campus management?
  • ⦁ How to get constantly informed about performances of both institution and students?

Odhyyon is an ultra-modern smart solution for school, parents & students working on their smart phone & computer monitor with a unique user id & password.

It provides over 9 years’ experience, connects multiple branches in a central system, delivers over 100+ core features, allows access anytime anywhere is customizable according to any system & process, is handling highest number of students in a central database

It has one integrated solution that connects with website & mobile app, has built in mobile payment system with mobile financial service, has integration with Attendance Device, Barcode Scanner, POS printer, OMR, has connectivity with SMS gateway

It boasts user friendly interface and front end dynamic setup Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use this software. The system’s feature flow will take the user to desired menu automatically.

It utilizes highly secured cloud based data hosting, and 24 hours data backup system for recovery in case of disaster. It maintains strict confidentiality and privacy of institutions. It is guarded with high-tech and reliable security system to Protect data from online attacks. It gives secure access with unique user id & password and maintains records of user logins.

Odhyyon is a unique and comprehensive education ERP product with an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, Alumni, Guests and Experts of an institution. This education ERP very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school/ college/ polytechnic/ kindergarten management as it has been designed after understanding the various processes & approaches adopted by different types of educational institutions.

Odhyyon connects prospective students, current students, faculty and alumni through portals to manage admissions, registration, student records, financial aid, financial accounting management, HR/payroll, fundraising management and alumni relations. It empowers you to:

  • ⦁ Record application distribution
  • ⦁ Manage student information efficiently
  • ⦁ Record student billing and payments
  • ⦁ Maintain exam results and grades
  • ⦁ Analyse the performance of a class as a whole and school
  • ⦁ Trace student attendance
  • ⦁ Effectively manage various resources
  • ⦁ Communicate with students, staffs or parents with built-in SMS service with ease
  • ⦁ Trace institution’s financial status